Safety First

ZTEX's management commits the necessary staff, time and financial resources to ensure that all employees, and everyone on the work site is protected from injury and/or illness hazards. In fact, the entire ZTEX team, including management and hourly employees, are encouraged to collaborate by sharing their observations, concerns, and ideas on how ZTEX can best maintain its employee safety policies. This continual process ensures that all employees understand, follow, and support the safety policies.

Safety and health is the top priority for every employee while performing any operation or activity. ZTEX's Health and Safety Program is compliant with OSHA standards and safety meetings are conducted by ZTEX's safety officer every week at all job sites. In addition, all project managers and superintendents are OSHA certified.

Drug and Alcohol Policy


ZTEX has a comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Policy that complies with FMCSA and DOT regulations. ZTEX employs a third party consortium to oversee the Drug & Alcohol program but remains involved in every aspect of its execution. And because safety is ZTEX's top concern, all employees are required to be tested as a condition to being hired.

Safety Minutes

Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips (3)

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The Holidays are a time of joy! Keep these tips in mind this holiday season to avoid theft & accidents.

Driving Safety


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Follow these tips to always practice safe driving!!

How To Avoid Illnessess


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Protect yourself this flu season! Follow these tips to stay healthy this Fall and Winter.

Insect Bites and Stings


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Stay alert when working outdoors. Venomous insects can hide in debris and may even cause serious allergic reactions.

Equipment Pre-Use Inspections


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Making sure all equipment is working properly is vital to operator safety and can catch minor issues before becoming major problems!

What To Do When A Worker Is Ill From The Heat


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Heat Stroke Can Be Life Threatening - Know How To Treat A Worker When They Become Overheated

Causes and Effects of Dehydration


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Causes and Effects of Dehydration - Know The Importance of Staying Hydrated During the Summer Months

Know Your Blood Type


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Why is it important to know your blood type? - ¿Por qué es importante conocer su tipo de sangre?

Don't Take Chances With SAFETY


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Don't be a "Chance Taker!" Follow these tips when dealing with safety - No se arriesgen! Siga estos consejos cuando se trata de la seguridad

Asphalt Hazards & Precautions

asphalt safety 2.0

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Peligros y Precauciones del Asfalto

Slope Safety


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Excavation is one of the most hazardous construction operations. Know the safety requirements to avoid trenching cave-ins.

CPR Training

CPR-AED-First Aid

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Safety Director, Daniel Esparza Conducted a CPR Certification Course this January. Stay Tuned for a Chance of Future Courses

Drinking and Driving


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Drinking and Driving During the Holidays - Beber y Conducir Durante las Fechas Festivas

Back Safety Techniques


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Do's and Don'ts for Back Safety - Que Hacer y No Hacer Consejos Seguridad Para su Espalda

Ladder Safety


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7 Steps to Ladder Safety - 7 Pasos de Seguridad en Escaleras

Fire Extinguisher


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How to properly use a fire extinguisher in the workplace. Remember to PASS (Pull, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep) if there is a fire.

Utility Line Codes


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Important! Know your utility line color codes before you excavate. Mark your line locations with a colored flag or rattle can.

CPR Training


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All ZTEX Construction Inc. Supervisors are now first aid and CPR Trained.